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Nitin Patel is a Mumbai based artist and photographer. He began his career in his 20s after undergoing formal traning in Black and White photography at Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, During which he also assisted well Known Indian and International Photographer’s.

Nitin's inspiration comes from fine art photography that he tries to emulate across his personal and commercial work.

He shoots in his own distinct way to show his unique personal vision.

He likes to observe light and use it to great effect wherever possible. Fascinated about Lights, shadow, Texture, Graphics (abstracts), seeing things in different Ways.

All living & non living things Exits me in a way which has his own beauty (curves, colors)

People – I like to shoot People around in their real life. He always tries to take out the Real emotion/expression of the person.

Slow shutter speed, blur & B&W are some of the techniques, which are His favorite.

Work in line

1 Solo exhibition

2 Coffee Table Book on Backstage (Fashion)

3 Travel Photo Essay

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